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Union Constitution

To Assist Committee Members in the running of their Club, and to ensure that they adhere to the Rules of the CIU, the Rules are available to download (select here to download in PDF format)

Among other headings there are explanations and Rules concerning the following within this booklet

*  Conditions of Membership
*  Annual Fee
*  Gaming Machines
*  Register of Members
*  Club Management
*  Executives
*  Officers
*  Council Meetings
*  Accounts
*  Audit of accoiunts
*  Annual Returns
*  Disputes
*  VAT

Club Rules

The Rules Department is able to assist you with rule amendments, whether by way of a complete amendment of the club’s rulebook or a partial amendment of its rules.  The Rules Department deals with the preparation and assists with the registration of rules with the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and the printing of the same.

The Procedure
The Branch Secretary should be contacted. The rules Department at Head Office should then be sent a letter enclosing a copy of the club’s rulebook.  You should outline what amendments you would like to make to the rulebook.
A complete amendment of rules is the replacement of the existing rulebook by a new rulebook. A partial amendment of rules is when the current rulebook remains registered, but some rules are amended, added or deleted (rescinded).

Complete Amendment of Rulebook
The Rules Department has obtained approval for a set of Model Rules for clubs from the FCA.  A ‘Complete Amendment’ is based upon this Model Rulebook but this may also be amended to accommodate a club’s particular requirements. 
If a ‘Complete Amendment’ is to be adopted, a ‘draft’ set of Rules is prepared.  This ‘draft’ is then sent to the club for approval by its managing committee.  Documentation is then prepared for the club members to adopt at a “Special Meeting” of the membership in accordance with the procedure set out in the club’s rulebook.  Once the members have adopted the documentation it is submitted to the FCA for registration by the Rules Department. Once the amended Rulebook has been registered with the FCA, your instructions are taken by the Rules Department regarding the number of rulebooks required for printing and then the order is forwarded to the Union’s printers.

Partial Amendment
If you only require a partial amendment then a “Special Meeting” is called as stated above which usually requires the votes of two-thirds of those members present at the “Special Meeting”.  The documentation is then prepared.  Once they have been approved they are submitted to the FCA for registration.  Once registered a printing order is forwarded to the Union’s printers.
The club receives the final version of any complete amendment of the Rulebook or partial amendment which has been registered, and this has to be retained for safe keeping

If you would like more information then please contact Head Office or your Branch Office

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